Kansas City Zoo Touch Tank

The Kansas City Zoo contracted Mega to build their gorgeous new edition to the Zoo.  This new interactive touch tank exhibit contains a highly interactive experience for patrons of the Zoo.  Here patrons are able to interact, through touch, with two different species of stingrays as well as small bamboo sharks.  

KCATA State Ave. Corridor Improvements

MegaKC was contracted by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority for the construction of a new transit center, which included the addition of a new shell for an office building, new overhead passenger shelters, and new concrete pavement and sidewalks.

Metcalf & Shawnee Mision Parkway Bus Corridor Transit Center

2014 APWA KC Metro Project of the Year $5 Million to $25 Million

2013 ABC Heart of America Excellence in Construction Award

The Metcalf Avenue and Shawnee Mission Parkway Bus Corridor Transit Improvements - Transit Center was a new transportation hub that unites six bus routes serving riders in Mission and Overland Park, Including Johson County Transit's newly launches JO Connex bus service.  This new center features electronic displays with real-time bus route information and covered outdoor seating for a more comfortable rider experience

Maple Crest Professional Buildings

Two professional medical buildings were constructed on a speculative venture to the office space.  The building housed a variety of amenities including a surgery center, office spaces and other unique features to accommodate medical practices.  The exterior walls were constructed with maintenance-free materials and the parking lot was all concrete.  Extensive site work was necessary for the project as it was on a steep slope that required the installation of a very large retaining wall.

Blue Valley Wilderness Center

The Blue Valley Wilderness Center project consisted of the construction of a 2,500 square foot education facility/nature center.  Pre-fabricated wood structures and wall panels, glass curtain walls, stained concrete floors, and pedestrian bridges/trails were all utilized to construct this facility.

Welcome Plaza

The Welcome Plaza Project completed for the City of Riverside, at the intersection of NW Gateway Avenue and Vivion Road, included constructing a 55-foot clock tower, water feature, sundial, and time capsule.  Sidewalks were replaced and some were added to provide access to the site.  Decorative light poles and accent lighting were installed to illuminate the sites distinguishing features at Night.

Urban Foyer & Northland Foyer

These modern structures were constructed with the use of precast concrete monuments, metal fabrication, and Aesthetic lighting systems.  Work on this project also included concrete repair and replacement, and bridge handrail removal and replacement.  The Urban Foyer monument is located on the Broadway Bridge over I-70 and the Northland Foyer is located at the US 169 Highway and MO 9 Highway Interchange.



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