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Meadowmere Splash Park

The design is underway for a splash park at Meadowmere Park in Grandview Missouri.  The current park touts an Amphitheater, playground, Skate Park, and walking trails; near the existing Grandview community center.  Being built as an extension to the nature-themed “Brumble’s Bog” park, this sprayground design will incorporate a nature theme to unify the play experience of patrons.  

2019-04-03_Meadowmere, Grandview, MO_Com

Prospect MAX BRT

Prospect MAX Bus Rapid Transit Station improvements is generally described as supply and installation of telecommunications fiber, concrete pavement, concrete sidewalk, concrete curb, demolition, earthwork, concrete foundations, electrical service, and litter receptacles, metal railings bike racks, RideKC blad signs, tactile strips, rub rails, ticket vending machines and other improvements.


2019-04-25 11.58.54
2019-04-25 11.58.40

Blacksnake Creek Stormwater Separation Improvements

The contract under this project includes the construction of a 7'x6' below grade pre-cast box culvert at 5,738' in length, including four junction structures and an inlet structure to the existing Blacksnake Creek sewer system.  Also under this contract is the rehab of the existing screening structure and sliding gate.

Blacksnake Creek
Blacksnake Creek
Blacksnake Creek
Blacksnake Creek


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