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Middle Blue Watershed Green Solutions Pilot

2012 ABC Heart of America Excellence in Construction Award

The City of Kansas City, MO, Water Services Department implemented a pilot project to measure and evaluate the performance of green solutions within a portion of the Middle Blue River Basin.  This pilot project is believed to be the largest project using green solutions for combined sewer overflow control currently being planned for construction in the United States.  It represents just one component of the City's commitment to using green solutions to control runoff as part of the Overflow Control Plan that was submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in January 2009.


The project covers approximately 100 acres and utilizes several methods to capture the stormwater prior to entering the combined sewer system, including rain gardens, porous concrete and stormwater planters.  The project required the removal and replacement of the existing roadways, sidewalks, and driveways with porous concrete to capture the stormwater into collection tanks for storage until the stormwater is released later into the combined sewer system.  

Swope Campus Parking Lot and Sustainable Storm Water Improvements Project

2015 ABC Heart of America Excellence in Construction Award

This project located in the KCMO Water Services Department parking lot includes various sustainable storm water improvements, which allows for a ten year rain event to be held onsite. Some of these improvements include over 10,000 tons of underground water storage aggregate with associated storm drainage piping, 1200 SY of 6″ porous asphalt pavement, 1200 SY of 6″ pervious concrete pavement, 3500 SY of permeable pavers, and various rain gardens. Other improvements include 7350 LF of concrete curb and gutter, 3950 SY of 7″ concrete pavement, 5100 SY of 7″ asphalt pavement, 330 SY of Grasscrete concrete pavement, 1775 SY of exposed aggregate sidewalk, a new structural steel entry canopy, and an elaborate landscaping package. This project is being built in five phases to accommodate continuous access to the building throughout construction for KCMO Water Services’ employees.



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