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We are MegaKC

As a testament to our commitment to Kansas City and the surrounding area, it’s appropriate that we incorporate “KC” into the Mega brand. Our employee-owners take pride in building and beautifying the cities and neighborhoods where we live and work. MegaKC reflects the energy and agility of our 100% employee-owned team.

2017-04-27 14.36.18
6200 Nieman Road
6200 Nieman Road
Independence and Benton Blvd
Sapling Grove
Manor Park
Goat and Donkey exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo
Elephant exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo
Blacksnake Creek

Our Mission

Putting work in place safely, on or ahead of time, in or under budget, without change, at acceptable quality levels, in a relentless pursuit to meet employee owner and customer expectations, and build lasting relationships.

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Construction Management

Site Development


Sustainable Construction

Heavy Construction





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