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Employee Ownership

What is Employee Ownership?

MegaKC is a 100% Employee Owned company!  What does this mean to its employee-owners?  It means that through thinking and acting as owners we directly impact the company's future, and in turn our future retirement. MegaKC makes annual stock contributions to every employee-owner based on their yearly salary.  The stock is held in a trust until the employee-owner reaches the normal retirement age, and is then distributed to the employee-owner once they decide to retire.  These stock values can rise and fall just as the stock market does, but our employee-owners can impact this through their dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence. ESOP stock values across the United States have outperformed the S&P 500 by 62%. Thanks to the efforts of our employee-owners, our most recent annual share value growth was 30.13%. Here at Mega, you aren't just a number! You are directly responsible for and benefit from, keeping our company stock on an upward rise.



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